We offer state of the art laser technology to achieve optimal results. Lasers Offer Many Benefits Including:

  • Treatments are usually less than 5 minutes
  • Lower risk of bruising or scarring
  • Patients see results in fewer treatments
  • Faster recovery

Our technology includes Blu-U, Hair Removal, IPL, V-Beam or Pulsed Dye and XTRAC Lasers and UVB Phototherapy.

Blu-U Light System
The Bldermatology light system delivers painless light to treat conditions conditions including acne, acne rosacea, and acne scarring. Blu-U light therapy is often used in conjunction with intense pulsed light to provide effective improvement of skin discolorations and sun aging.

Hair Removal
The Lightsheer Duet is the gold standard in laser hair removal devices. This Diode laser not only speeds up treatment times, but makes hair removal more comfortable. Patented vacuum assist technology enhances light absorbs ion in the hair follicle and eliminates the need for topical anesthetic. Laser hair removal can be performed on most body areas, with medium to dark hair responding the best to treatments. This quick procedure is done in the office, and for best results a series of treatments is recommended.

IPL: M22
Sometimes referred to as photorejuvenation, this non -ablative treatment utilizes broad spectrum light to treat sun damage, rosacea, melasma and broken capillaries. Treatments are quick and require no downtime. Although a series of treatments are generally required, patients can look forward to a more even toned complexion with little risk of side effects. Performed during an office visit, treatments are typically 30 minutes or less.

V-Beam or Pulsed Dye

The V-Beam or Pulsed Dye Laser, uses a concentrated beam of light to target blood vessels in the skin and treat conditions such as port wine stains, hemangiomas and rosacea. This highly-effective therapy may also used to treat wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. These treatments are very safe and performed quickly during an outpatient visit.


XTRAC Lasers use a narrow band to target specific areas resulting in effective and rapid improvement without the worry of harmful side effects. XTRAC Lasers are highly effective, safe, and painless therapy often used to treat psoriasis and vitiligo.

UVB Phototherapy
UVB Phototherapy is a safe and effective way to treat many conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema. UVB penetrates the skin and slows the growth of affected skin cells without subjecting skin to the harsh rays of the sun.

Our providers can help you determine which laser therapy is right for you. Contact us for an appointment.

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